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School of Medicine


The Erasmus+ studies program subsidizes the mobility of undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as PhD candidates of all university departments, so that they can study for a period of time in another European University, participating in the Erasmus + program.

         Activities of mobility of the Erasmus+ studies program are based on bilateral agreements between the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) and other European universities.

         Students’ mobility is feasible only through the bilateral agreements of the Department of the University in which they study. The duration of the study abroad cannot exceed the period of one semester for each exchange, with a total of one academic year per student.

         Students who are interested in the program are encouraged to:

  1. Consult the “List of Partner Universities for Medicine”
  2. Visit the websites of the University that they are interested in and gain information about the curriculum of studies that is available for Erasmus+ students, the language taught at the University of interest, as well as further practical issues concerning their studies there,
  3. Express their interest, by submitting the appropriate Application Form in their Faculty, following the instructions of the announcements uploaded on the Secretariat site.

The main purpose of the program is the complete academic recognition of the studying period abroad.