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School of Medicine


The Erasmus+ Traineeships program subsidizes the mobility of undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as PhD candidates of all the University’s Departments, so that they can spend a period of practical training at Universities, research centers, enterprises and organizations in European countries which participate in the program.

        The NKUA ’ preferable duration of placement for practical training is about 2-4 months.

        Finding a host institution for practical training is a responsibility of the students who wish to participate in the Erasmus+ Traineeships program. Students cannot apply for mobility abroad, for a period of practical training, without having submitted the Letter of Acceptance along with their other required documents.

       For the mobility for practical training , a bilateral agreement between the NKUA and the host institution is not required, unlike the mobility requirements for studies.

      Students can be placed for practical training in :

- member states of the European Union,

- Iceland,

- Liechtenstein,

- Norway,

as well as in candidate countries for integration in the E.U., namely Turkey and North Macedonia.

Switzerland does not participate in the Erasmus+ Traineeships program.

      Further information concerning the requirements for participation in Erasmus+ studies/Traineeships programs, selection criteria, the registration procedure at the host universities and other topics, can be found on the website of the Direction of Public Relations and History of NKUA: