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School of Medicine




Professor Gerasimos Siasos

Dean of the School of Medicine



Admission to the School of Medicine is gained after success in the State Panhellenic Examinations. Certain categories of candidates have to sit different kinds of examinations (Cypriots, Greeks living abroad, foreigners etc.) to gain admission. In Greece higher education is provided free of charge.


Academic year

The academic year begins on September 1st and ends on August 31st and is divided in two semesters:

a) September 23 - January 10 (Winter semester)

b) February 10 - Μay 29 (Spring semester)

There are three examining periods:

a) January 20 - February 7

b) June 9 - June 30

c) September 1 - September 25


Duration of Undergraduate studies

Undergraduate studies consist of twelve (12) semesters of required attendance. After completion of the period of attendance and after success in the examinations, a student is awarded the Medical Degree (MD, Ptychio latrikis). The examinations can be oral/written or both and the grading scale used is 0-10. The passing grade is 5-10.

The curriculum consists of 49 obligatory courses and 82 electives. For first-year students, starting from the Academic year 2017-18, the curriculum will consist of 48 obligatory courses and 82 electives. In order to gain the degree, the student, apart from the obligatory courses, is required to attend 12 obligatory elective courses that he/she will choose based on his/her personal interests.